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Academic Year

Academic year at the university is divided into two terms. The autumn term begins on the 1st of September and ends in the middle of December. The examination period is from the end of December till the beginning of January.

The spring term begins in February - March and ends in May - June. The examination period is from June till the beginning of July.

There are three basic modes of study at Russian higher education institutions:

  • Full-time (daytime);
  • Evening classes;
  • Part-time.

The point rating system is implemented at most higher education institutions. Thus, the points are given for certain types of work done by students throughout the term. The certain number of the points is given for the exam or test. Then all these points are summarized, and the final rating point on the subject is received. This point is transferred to the traditional grading system.

Rating point Traditional grade Numeric equivalent
100-90 excellent 5
89-75 good 4
74-60 satisfactory 3
59-0 unsatisfactory 2


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