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Leisure activities of the students

The realization of the tasks and guidelines of the educational activity is carried out through the mechanism of implementation of target programs that reflect various aspects of student life and the specific needs of the personality formation of a future teacher. These specific programs are developed on an as-needed basis and according to the existence of conditions for their implementation.

The main components of such programs are healthy lifestyle, student self-governance, student scientific enterprise, aesthetics of collegial life, student creative works, patriotic education, linguistic education of future specialist, and traditions of OSPU.

There are many projects and programs that develop the professional and creative skills of the students, such as “My Initiative in Education”, “The Best Student of the Year” awards, volunteers unions of OSPU, “School of the Leaders”, and “School of the Press Photographer”.

There is a variety of student unions on arts at OSPU:

  • Contemporary Club;
  • Choreographic Studio “CLUB’ nichka”;
  • Choreographic Ensemble  “Yarmarka”;
  • Choreographic Ensemble  “Gratsia”;
  • Vocal Studio “Feeriya”;
  • Vocal Ensemble “Inversiya”;
  • Vocal Studio “Vertical”.

Choreographic Ensemble  “Gratsia”

Sports life of the students

Sports and recreation activities are important components of the educational work and leisure of students. Every year, we have olympiads in 16 sports. All ten university schools take part in the olympiads. In addition, our university conducts massive sports events on festive occasions.

OSPU offers the following sports:

  • basketball (men/women);
  • volleyball (men/women);
  • sports tourism;
  • sport aerobics;
  • football;
  • chess;
  • table tennis;
  • sambo;
  • skiing.


Every student can spend their spare time according to their likes and interests at OSPU!

March 2017